Custom-Made Pump Kleen®
Pumpout Boats & Floating Restrooms

Warwick, Rhode Island

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Marine Boatbuilders Company specializes in the design and manufacturing of custom-made Pump Kleen® Pumpout Boats,
Work Boats, Patrol Boats and Floating Restrooms.

Our pumpout boats are built for safety, simplicity and stability. Marine Boatbuilders Company has been designing and building high quality, custom-made pumpout boats since 1993. Our unique design offers specific advantages over our competitor's boats by utilizing our own PUMP KLEEN® System.

What is a Pumpout Boat?

A Pumpout boat is a boat that pulls up to other boats and empties their waste tank into a holding tank on the Pumpout boat. It takes the waste to a fixed unit on a dock, or shore area and unloads the waste into sewer lines. This process keeps boaters from dumping waste into our local waterways, keeping are waters clear, habitable for humans, fish, shellfish and all other aquatic life. Pumpout boats are making a tremendous difference in helping clean up our waterways. 

Currently, we manufacture five different size pumpout boats, a 19' ft pumpout boat with a 230 gallon holding tank, a 20' ft pumpout boat with a 300 gallon tank, a 23' ft pumpout boat with a 420 gallon holding tank, a 26’ ft pumpout boat with a 650 gallon holding tank and a 31' ft pumpout boat with a 950 gallon holding tank. We use Edson electric pumps and motors, which, located under the center console, leaves the bow area open to maximize workspace.

We have shipped PUMP KLEEN® Pumpout Boats all over the country from Boston Harbor, Massachusetts to Albuquerque, New Mexico, and from Block Island, Rhode Island to Catalina Island, California. Our waters are getting cleaner, and boaters are leading the way.

We also have environmentally safe floating restrooms which are used on lakes, inlets, coves and places where there is limited access to bathrooms. Our PUMP KLEEN® line of Floating Restrooms are built for use in waters to allow boaters to pull up and get off their boats and use the facility. The units are designed for ease of use and long-term durability, with low maintenance a consideration. Integrity of the holding tank is a primary goal, even under abusive conditions, such as grounding and other impact.